Mirrie Dancers!

I was afraid it might be too late in the season to see the Northern Lights (in Shetland referred to as the Mirrie Dancers) but there was a spectacular display last night and some of it was right here in front of me! Judging from photos it was far more dramatic further north but I got to see the glowing emerald green sky tinted with red, even through building clouds, and it lasted a good few hours! It was freezing cold outside but I stayed out as long as I could stand it.


My not-so-great photo

Image 3-7-16 at 8.10 AM

A much better photo from a Cliff Cam at the lighthouse

There are several web places to visit to see lots of great photos of it throughout the isles: Aurora Shetland on Facebook, Mirrie Dancers on Instagram, Promote Shetland, and shetland.org (under cliff cams at Sumburgh Head). Just WOW.

I was going to write a post about yesterday’s adventure with my uncle at Fitful Head and Noss Hill but I will save that for another post, except for this photo of this rock I found on one of the beaches we visited. Perfectly encapsulates how I feel about this place at this moment.

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