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Happy Holidays!

Wrapping up 2017, I’ve got a bunch of paintings at Gather in Evanston. I’ve combined several from my most recent series with some of the alphabet paintings from 2014. They live together nicely as both series have a colorful, story-like thing happening, so it’s like they are talking to each other. Or something like that […]


It’s July! Where has time gone?!

Well, I know where the past two weeks have gone, anyway. I have been immersed in two consecutive art camps with a few dozen 5-8 year olds making undersea worlds and a city neighborhood, among other things. Watching kids make art is a delightful way to spend a few hours every morning. They are so […]


“By the Sea” Art Camp

I had the honor of spending last week with fourteen 5-8 year olds, exploring life By the Sea, a camp idea inspired by my residency in Shetland earlier this year. This isn’t the first art camp I’ve taught but it’s been several years since the last one, so I was a little worried about making […]